Himalayan Pink Salt – 100% Natural – 1.5kg Bag


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Himalayan Pink Bath Salts have natural anti-inflammatory & anti-septic healing properties, and can help the body to relax, de-toxify and to de-stress. Additionally, inhaling the Himalayan Pink Salts can help treat acute & chronic respiratory problems. Bath salts, can deliver an incredible array of healing benefits. This is mainly due to the trace elements contained within the salts, that are either absorbed through the skin (trans-dermal absorption), or have a direct action on the skin (dermis) itself.

No Additives
100% Pharmaceutical/FCC Food Grade Bath Salts Our Bath Salts are High Grade Salts, which are 100% Natural and Sustainably Sourced.

Himalayan Pink Salt (100%)

Directions for Use:
For Just Relaxing – Add 250g- 450G of bath salt to a warm bath (About 37°C – 39°C) and enjoy for about 20min.
For Athlete Recover after an Exhausting Workout or Race – Add about 750g- 1kg of bath salt to a warm bath and enjoy for about 20min. (About 37°C – 39°C)
For a Footbath – Add about 150g-350g of salt to 5 litres of warm water
(About 37°C – 39°C) and soak feet for about 20min.

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